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NameQuest’s Brand Naming and Name Research Services Helps You Be More Successful

NameQuest is the first and most experienced branding agency for product names, company names and global brands. NameQuest - The world's foremost name creator.

NameQuest is the First and Most Experienced brand naming company dedicated exclusively to the Science of Verbal Branding™ | Affiliate Offices Worldwide - Est. 1984

​​​“NameQuest provided consulting and research services for a Brand Naming project. The process for creating and evaluating name options was very thorough and actionable. NameQuest is extremely flexible and worked with very tight and constantly changing timelines.
– Senior Consumer Insights Manager

​​​NameQuest Naming Company Services:

For Products:

  • New Product Brand Name
  • Re-Branding / Optimization
  • Sub-Branding
  • Branding Line Extensions

For Services:

  • Re-Branding / Optimization
  • Sub-Branding
  • Branding Line Extensions

For Companies:

  • Corporate Verbal DNA™ Branding           
  • Corporate Verbal DNA™ Re-Branding /Optimization

NameQuest Verbal DNA Branding Services:

  • Brand Name Research
  • Sub-Brand Name Research
  • Corporate Name Research
  • Linguistic Screening
  • Foreign Language Screening
  • Foreign Language Translation
  • Brand Image Assessment
  • Nomenclature Systems
  • Verbal Brand Architecture
  • Verbal Brand Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Verbal Brand Analysis
  • Verbal Brand Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • NameTrak™ Verbal Brand Tracking
  • Internet Domain Name Search
  • Trademark Names Search US           
  • Trademark Names Search Worldwide

​​​NameQuest branding services span the full range of your name development and research needs.

Branding Services and Proven Systems, Customized to Your Needs. NameQuest’s branding services begin with proven systems which are then customized to fit your individual needs to provide you with trademark names.  In this way, you can conduct the company name generator and product name generator process tailored to your issues and still compare to NameQuest’s powerful databases. At NameQuest, we pride ourselves in our expertise of global brands, product names and company names. This is why our clients come to us first as their preferred name creator.

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