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"NameQuest goes above and beyond expectations.  The quick response and turn around when needed is a value we respect."

– Senior Research Services Manager

NameQuest has conducted more verbal brand name consumer market research than any other of the brand market research companies worldwide. NameQuest Online was the first among market research companies to conduct Internet verbal brand name research in the Americas, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Verbal Brand Name Research is a specialty and is part of our core competency.

NameQuest is the First and Most Experienced brand naming company dedicated exclusively to the Science of Verbal Branding™ | Affiliate Offices Worldwide - Est. 1984

NameQuest Verbal DNA™
The Difference Between Simple Naming and Verbal Branding™

NameQuest’s Verbal DNA™ brand name research is crucial to the success of your new product or venture.  NameQuest maintains the world’s most extensive database of names among market research companies.  The NameQuest Verbal DNA™ normative database can be used to understand the overall potency of name candidates in selected categories or channels of distribution.

How You Benefit – Consistent, Integrated Approach

Choose your verbal brand name with confidence using NameQuest's Verbal DNA™ proprietary brand name research methodology, supported by the world's largest normative evaluation database. Whether you need product market research, international market research, or company branding, NameQuest has the experience and methodology to fit your needs.

NameQuest Brand Name Research:  Products, Services and Company Brands for the Global Market

Consumer Brand Name Research – B2B Brand Name Research - Healthcare Brand Name Research

​Product Market Research - International Market Research - Company Branding

NameQuest Verbal DNA™ Brand Name Research helps you be more successful two ways:

  1. NameQuest brand name research helps decision makers reduce risk by providing accurate information regarding the communication value of name candidates, even at the earliest stages of development – before major resources are invested.
  2. NameQuest brand name research also helps you improve your business potential by providing actionable insights and recommendations to strengthen propositions – both from a customer and a marketing plan perspective.

NameQuest Verbal DNA™ Brand Name Research Unmatched

NameQuest Online brand name research is the only Internet method dedicated solely to brand   element research.  NameQuest Online is the most advanced and innovative method for Internet brand name research among market research companies available worldwide.  Based on more than 33 years of international brand name research experience, NameQuest Online offers the benefits of Internet research conjoined with reliable and actionable results.