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Since 1984 NameQuest has invested extensively to assure a strong, long-term commitment to the expansion of our knowledge and insight for verbal branding services including naming a product, naming a service, company naming and name research.  NameQuest’s branding services investment provides your new product, service or company name brand with the inherent communication characteristics required to produce peak financial performance.  This is NameQuest Verbal DNA™.

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"The goal of effective verbal brand naming is to choose a product name that reflects and fits the customer'
s needs so precisely that the name sells the product." 

      - John P. Hoeppner, President | NameQuest, Inc. 
       INTA - International Trademark Association

Outwitting the Competition
Brand Naming Company | Naming a Product, Service or Company

Your success depends on your ability to outsmart your competitors, anticipate their next move, and act before they can.  You want naming ideas that influence the future, not just names that react to the present.  You need to know what your customers are going to need, not just what they have needed.  You need NameQuest Verbal DNA™ for the future; you need the Science of Verbal Branding.

Reduce risks, Improve sales and profits


Leading companies worldwide recognize that sustained growth is achieved with a firm commitment to consistent investments in new product initiatives. Because these investments are significant, it is vital that the primary communication message in the form of the product name produce the highest possible returns.


From 1980 to the present time there has been a quiet disruption in the traditional 4-P’s marketing model.  The days of naming a product, service or company using unmethodical name development provided by advertising, public relations or graphic design agencies and unreliable focus groups or quantitative addendums only increase the risk in the already risky business of new product introductions.  The NameQuest Verbal DNA™ research method will help reduce your risk. 


Consider your projected marketing budget for advertising, packaging, public relations, social networking, blogging and promotion. Assuming your new product name is memorable and reflects salient attributes, when measured against category norms, the multiplier effect of brand communication compounds exponentially. The correct verbal brand name associated with your new product, service or company will be the basic foundation for multiplying your brand marketing investment and for overall marketing success.  There are four reasons why.


  • The name is the core of the brand
  • The name is the basis for awareness
  • The name is the basis of communication efforts
  • The name is the most permanent element of the marketing program

These four basic foundations are becoming ever more significant as the age of mass marketing is reaching its vanishing point. The disruption in the traditional 4-P's marketing model (product, place, promotion and price) has created growth opportunities for savvy marketers. Over the past two decades there has been a choice explosion, channel consolidation, media fragmentation and strategic pricing challenges.

NameQuest is a five-time recipient of the American Marketing Association’s prestigious Edison Award for best new product branding.  NameQuest has

successfully completed numerous verbal branding assignments for leading Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Strategic Name Development and Research

Consider the world your typical customer lives in today.  Your time-famished customer is witnessing a choice explosion in products, channel transformations, media fragmentation and rigorous price competition.  Your customer needs a verbal brand name that communicates your objectives efficiently and effectively.

The NameQuest VERBAL DNA™ research methodology is designed to assist you in selecting the strongest name candidate with the inherent communication characteristics needed to be successful in today’s marketing environment.

A verbal brand name is the one aspect of a product that never changes. Within that verbal brand name resides your long-term investment. When naming a product it pays to invest in the right verbal brand in the beginning.

How You Benefit | Naming a Product, Service or Company

NameQuest methodology and tools are continually updated to stay current with changing marketplace conditions. We constantly refine and enhance our methodology, databases and diagnostics adding new capabilities to assure your success and enhance profitability.


          NameQuest Verbal DNA

NameQuest’s Verbal DNA™ brand name building process and research are the most comprehensive and accurate available. Our development methods construct names with the intrinsic distinctiveness needed to achieve success. Our research methods utilize the world’s largest industry and category specific norms to provide you with impressive and actionable results.


The role of naming a product, service or company will continue to grow in importance. The competition for your new products may not be your true competition. The biggest challenge for your new product may be competing for the attention of your customer.


How to choose the best drug name
Choosing the right name for prescription drugs, biologics or OTC products and navigating the approval process is challenging.  Each year more than 40% of all drug names submitted to the FDA are rejected.  The FDA has provided a draft guidance paper for best practices in the name approval process.  NameQuest can assist you in your next name development, research and approval initiative.

"Simply put, marketing is not selling what you have, it's having what you can sell."
John Hoeppner, NameQuest, Inc.
Quote from marketing lecture at the
Thunderbird School of Global Management

Brand Naming Company  "New ventures represent a significant investment for us. NameQuest consistently provides the solutions we need. " - V.P. Business Development
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NameQuest is the First and Most Experienced brand naming company dedicated exclusively to the Science of Verbal Branding™ - Est. 1984


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